Tuesday, 13 September 2011

the lavender farm, part 2

Behind this door was the lavender distillery where the oil is extracted  from the lavender
you couldn't go in, but the scent wafting out was so lovely and calming.
I could have curled up on this nearby couch for a nap.!
Inside the stone cottage.
 The cafe..we had lavender scones with jam and cream..they were delicious!
Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm,Hepburn Springs.


Pet said...

I've found your blog through a comment on another one (Meine Dinge). It is beautiful and inspiring. The lavender farm with lavender lemonade. The cafés in Tasmania. A bit of Leonard Cohen and Neil Young. The owl on your coach. It will be a pleasure to follow your blog.

Franka said...

A very lovely post. A pülace tostay!!!

♥ Franka