Thursday, 8 September 2011

the lavender farm, hepburn springs,part 1

The Lavender Farm,Hepburn Springs..just a short drive from the beautiful little town of Daylesford,Victoria.. The lavender wasn't in bloom (back in April) but still a lovely place to visit...the old stone farmhouse,just perfect...could move right in and be perfectly happy!


Franka said...

Hello Judith,
for stopping by!

I'd like to sit in this chair with a book or a cat on my knees!


♥ Franka

Judith said...

Thankyou for visiting Franka..yes it would be the perfect chair for doing just that!!

P.S Your blog is a lovely place to stop by :)!

vibeke said...

oh, what a wonderful place.
i could have knitted for hours
in that chair : )


Judith said...

Hello Vibeke,nice to meet you :)
The Lavender farm was a beautiful place to visit..hope to go back when the lavender is in bloom.

vibeke said...

thank you judith for
the lovely words at my blog!

a lavender field in bloom must be a breathtaking sight AND not to mention the smell..

WriterBee said...

Great photos. You really manage to capture the beauty of the cottage. I'm with you - I could see myself moving in too. Or at least spending an afternoon with a cuppa and a scone in one of those cosy chairs!