Wednesday, 3 April 2013


My birth month
My favorite month
The cooler days and falling leaves 
are most welcome


G said...

I agree about the cooler days and falling leaves. Here we're grateful for the rain after a long dry spell over the country. I know a few april-born folk, nice to know you're another! xx

Cat said...

My birth month too! April is so creative ... ;)
For each fallen leaf , one's growing here.
and I'm waiting for warm days.
Jane and Serge remain beyond seasons.
They still live somewhere like what Baudelaire call "le vert paradis des amours enfantines."
I'm so glad to read you again.
love Cat

Geoff said...

Not my birth month but I know lots people whose birth month it is :-)

Cool of Autumn lights creative fire

jay said...

Happy happy birth month lovely one. xx

Judith said...

I like that, Geoffrey..I hope it does! :)

Judith said...

Thank you are the lovely one! xx

Judith said...

Thank you G. I am loving the Autumnal weather here. It does help lift ones spirit. xx

Judith said...

Dear Cat, you words are always such poetry! It doesn't surprise me that we share the same birth month. :) and yes Jane and Serge do remain beyond seasons, their romance of long ago will forever continue to mesmerize.
(and as I write this I know it's your birthday...warmest wishes and love to you.xxxx