Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Spring is officially here ,  so to celebrate,
a beautiful bunch of Ranunculus,

a walk along the pier.

Lunch with family,  succulents and daisies,

Some new Capiz shell chimes to tinkle in the breeze,

blue skies and sunshine!


Cat said...

The return of Spring is always a celebration. enjoy! :-))

Caroline said...

Wow, that is certainly a blue sky, it looks very beautiful there. I love spring, the best season I think. :)

Pet said...

Oh, that pier is really nice. I'm a pier man, you know. Can you swim already? How lucky starting spring. We are still holding to summer around here. I've just come from a swim, the water late in the evening so warm still...like you have to immerse yourself everyday until it gets cold, in weeks, in days,

meine Dinge ♥ Franka said...

I enjoy the last days of summer!

Your images are beautiful.

♥ Franka

Judith said...

Thank you Cat, I will! ( Autumn is a beautiful season as well ,so I hope you enjoy too!) xx

Judith said...

Thank you for your visit Caroline. I agree, spring is the best season but I do enjoy Autumn too! :)

Judith said...

I love piers too Pet and I did guess you were a pier man!
Still too cool to swim here. Hope you can hold on to your summer for a bit longer and manage a few more dips in the ocean! :)

Judith said...

Thank you Franka :) Hope you still have lots of days left to soak up the sun! x

Elizabeth Aley said...

Hooray, Spring is always a welcomed sight.

Those Ranunculus flowers are something else. They look just like a painting!


Judith said...

Hello Mrs Aley ! :) yes the Ranunculus are beautiful (I am sure you could do something wonderful with them!) but unfortunately they are now fading :( x

Karen said...

it's so hard to believe it'S spring there - I am harvesting pumpkins from our garden! What an amazing planet.
You capiz shell mobile is so pretty, can just imagine it tinkling in the breeze :)
Happy Day! xo karen

Judith said...

Karen, my capiz shells are tinkling furiously...it is very windy here at the moment! :) Wishing you a happy weekend! x