Friday, 31 August 2012

Should you sit upon a cloud
you would not see the boundary line between one country and another
not the boundary stone between a farm and another.

It is a pity you cannot sit upon a cloud.
                                                             Kahlil Gibran.   Sand and Foam


This is Belgium said...

very poetic shot

meine Dinge + Franka said...

... but you can fly with an aeroplane and you see no border.

... and you can sit on a rock leaving all borderlines.

♥ Franka

Karen said...

beautiful - thank you!
have a lovely weekend, Judith
xo Karen

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

Lovely poem & what an amazing shot. It looks like you are sitting at the edge of the world.

Thank you for your kind words on the blog.


Cat said...

beautiful! the place to dream.

Pet said...

But you know you sit on clouds now and then! :-)