Thursday, 26 July 2012


        There is a way between voice and presence
        where information flows.

      In disciplined silence it opens
        with wandering talk it closes.



Cat said...

I didn't know this poet but you make me want to discover him. Thank you! love Cat.

Judith said...

Dear Cat, I hope you enjoy your disovery of Rumi...
I have loved his words
and wisdom for a long time.
love j

Pet said...

I used to love poetry. I still write a few, now and then (even in my rustic English). I appreciate a recommendation from you.
PS. In case you hadn't notice I run a Poetry section in my "magazine", New Yorker like :-)

Geoff said...

I have that same collection on my nightstand :-)

Judith said...

Pet, you are welcome!
(and i like your 'New Yorker style' poetry posts!)

Wise choice of reading, Geoffrey! :)