Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Erskine Falls

The Falls.
A 10 minute drive up into the hinterland behind Lorne.
So cold up there, but breathtakingly beautiful.


Geoff said...

I especially like the first picture ... it reminds me (a little anyways!) of those early Victorian attempts to capture spiritual aethers and ectoplasmic occurrences (bet you weren't thinking of those when you took the picture) a ghostly unexplained apparition noticed only when the film was developed.

Pet said...

A perfect place for a baptism :-) and now I will have see if I can find a St Juda too!

federica said...

Hi Judith, I hope you're well :) Lovely places! Love, F.

Judith said...

Thank you Geoffrey, Yes, I wasn't thinking that
when I took the pic :) but looking at it now,
I see exactly what you mean! (Ectoplasmic..thanks to you,
I now know the meaning of that word! :)

Pet...Let me know if you find St.Jude! :)

Hi Federica, Hope you too, are well. :)

Fran├žois Canard said...

HOOOOOO....wonderful !!!
muy heart is in this place
because water is my life !!!!
great pictures
BRAVO.....(in french )

Judith said...

Many thanks, Francois,
I think you are Photographer Extraordinaire!!! :)