Friday, 4 May 2012


Following  full on days at work this week, I ventured down to my local beach just to stop, sit and catch my breath. It was a grey, windy afternoon and  soaring above me was this seagull battling against the wind.
Despite the difficult conditions he glided and hovered  with such grace and skill, and was so mesmerising to watch. The flight of this seagull reminded me of my treasured book 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull' given to me many years ago, when I was a young teenager and going through difficult times, by my beautiful Dad  who passed away some time ago and I still miss very much. 

......But Jonathan Livingston Seagull, unashamed, stretching his wings again in that trembling hard curve--slowing, slowing, and stalling once more--was no ordinary bird.
   Jonathan Livingston Seagull.  Author, Richard Bach.
I hope this weekend, you find a moment to catch your breath.  x


Pet said...

And your Post brings me memories of - I don't remember which - one of Neil Diamonds old albums.

little sleep said...

Beautiful : )

Geoff said...

That silvery, almost slippery light of autumn and sea ... beautiful and lovely tribute to your Dad.

Judith said...

Thank you Geoffrey.

Karen said...

Hi Judith,
Beautiful photos of water, sky,
and flight
I wish I had a beach so near!
(Well, there are some gulls on the Rhine
I should try to capture them someday through my lens. )
I also had this book as a child
I think it was given it when I was still quite young, too young I think.
I'm sure your Dad knows that you are thinking of him
As Geoff said, a lovely tribute to him
xo K.

Judith said...

Dear Karen, thank you. xo