Friday, 27 April 2012

My Friday

The perfect place to park your bike, a crochet covered bike rack.
Some home grown goodness kindly given to me, including a spaghetti squash which I have never baked before, so need to do some research on that one.  
A beautiful Autumnal Friday.
Looking forward to the weekend,  hope you are too and that it's a happy one.!


Cat said...

Enjoy these marvelous color of autumn! (and tell us how vegetal spaghetti taste!I'm curious;)))

Pet said...

You are so colourful today. I like to see you like that :-)

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

Oh these colors are lovely! Perfect for a festive weekend!

Hope you are doing well.

Happy weekend!

Franka said...

What a wonderful, colourful, beautiful Friday!

♥ Franka

Elsie Butterscotch said...

Beautiful Autumnal shots. We are wet and dreary here in the UK. Hurry up Summer!

Enjoy your weekend x

little sleep said...

Beautiful pictures. Happy Friday and have a great weekend : ) xx

Anonymous said...

I often forget that it gets sunny in Melbourne ;-)

Lovely to see that beautiful Autumnal sunshine reaches you too ... been so dreary here of late. Dig that crocheted bike rack.

Karen said...

So many lovely photos, Judith! I really enjoy seeing your part of the world through your camera lens
Yum - spaghetti squash - there are certainly many recipes on the web, but I just like it simple with butter and salt and pepper. xo K.