Thursday, 5 April 2012




Cat said...

blue automn! wonderfull australian light! i'm feeling a litle bit envious too here at the other side of earth ! *** sigh ***

the vicars alter ego said...

was thinking the same as Cat...very envious indeed

the river said...

I have that card here and I love it.

Geoff said...

It is a cool card ... I do like the starry shawl(?) and the passionfruit bloom ... they're like their from another world :-)

Thanks for kind words about Sniff ... hew was awfully cute and gentle :-)

ps I never knew you were affected so deeply as to leave quite so many replies ;-)

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

Love all of the bright color! Okay, now I am really excited for summer!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Judith said...

Greer,it is a gorgeous card!
Thank you for your other comments too.
I was so glad I got to the exhibition. Your photographs are
beautiful. It is a great little gallery and happy i discovered
it, thanks to you! x

Geoff, think it was the open id thingo that
caused my flurry of emotions!
Kept saying error, so I didn't realise my comment
actually published the first time!. :) :(

Judith said...

Dear Cat and Pam, I am envious of what you have over your side of the world too... lots of *sighing* on both sides of the earth!! x x

federica said...

Lovely Passiflora flower ! Have a nice week end and happy Easter ;) F.

Pet said...

Oh, that must be you, I knew it! :-)