Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter gifts

Not only chocolate came my way this Easter.
I received this framed print of Virginia Woolf.    
So beautiful.
And this perfect little book 'Woolgathering' by the wonderful Patti Smith.
Thank you my lovely Anna know me well !


Geoff said...

Lovely presents :-)

I heard somewhere that Patti Sith is releasing/has released a new album?

Geoff said...

And er ... that would be Patti Smith not someone from the Star Wars universe ;-)

Judith said...

Hehe Geoff! :) Yes, she is releasing a new album this year..her last was in 2004. :)

Cat said...

how lucky are you! I only received chocolates!

Judith said...

Cat :) yes I am lucky...but chocolates good too!!

Franka said...