Sunday, 4 March 2012

    During one of  my many journey's  around the beautiful  Mornington Peninsula,  I spied this wonderful, rustic  studio-shed.
       These studio's can be built to order.  I love it's structural simplicity--a  floor,  3 walls, a roof and  2 large windows at the back.  I think one would  suit  my garden  perfectly!                  


Franka said...

Just saw a few pics of this wonderful peninsula!
What a lovely landscape!

♥ Franka

hello milky said...

Where is this? How have I not seen it before?! x

Judith said...

Yes, Franka..the Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful area! :) x

Jess, It's in the main street of Flinders, a really cute little nursery. we will go there one day! :) x

Maiken said...

wow! Love it!