Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I found this beautiful photograph of the late Linda Mc Cartney in a magazine a few years ago and was captivated by it.

She has remained on my wall ever since.


Cat said...

what is she waiting for? I stay captivated too. Imagination keeps us dreaming.

Judith said...

Cat, I like to think she is waiting for Paul....imagination is a gift to cherish.

WriterBee said...

It's so interesting that you kept this photograph, Judith. Something about it obviously spoke to you. It is a captivating image, I agree.

To me, she has a beautiful face, but it also shows intelligence, curiosity, independence, strength and determination. Or am I just reading all of that into the image because of what we know about her?

And interesting the prominence given to her hands. She's not just a pretty face, as Kath and Kim would say.

Judith said...

Thank you Vivienne, I loved reading your comment. Yes, in this photograph Linda's strength of character shines through,(I love the determined set of her mouth!). Celebrity status aside, she was such an interesting woman. What I admire in her most was her devotion to her family. To me,she was the epitomy of the true 'Earth Mother'.
PS.And being Vegetarian myself, she was and still is a true inspiration!