Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Basquiat, again, just because.....

Jean-Michel Basquiat
     When you first see a new picture,
    you don't want to miss the boat,
    you have to be very careful.,
    you may be staring at Van Goghs ear.
                                                              Rene Ricard


Cat said...

fabulous Basquiat! I went to his exhibition in Paris last year. fantastic. have you seen the Tamra Davis Film: "Jean-Michel BASQUIAT, the radiant child?" (http://www.jean-michelbasquiattheradiantchild.com/)

Judith said...

Cat, yes i have seen the Tamra Davis film.(but thankyou for the link)..i devour anything on Basquiat!! Lucky you to see his exhibition...i saw a couple of his paintings at the Dennis Hopper exhibition here and one at a privately owned gallery(july 17 post)but a whole exhibition on his work would be fantastic!! I will just have to content myself looking though his books i have! :)