Sunday, 4 December 2011

On the thresh hold of a dream...

Early dinner in a great little cafe in St.Kilda

Then a stroll to the Palais Theatre on the Esplanade

to see the Moody Blues.

They are old now, but sound exactly as they did long ago.
I first discovered the Moody Blues as a young girl  in the early 80's and was mesmerised by  'Long Distance Voyager'.Later  i  became familiar with their earlier albums  'Thresh hold of a dream' and 'A question of balance'.
When they played 'Talking out of turn' (from Long Distance Voyager) i  got goosebumps......memories of being very young and dreamy and loving this song......and it really doesn't feel that long ago...:)


Franka said...

Seemed like a perfect day!

... and it really doesn't feel that long ago...:)

♥ Franka

Pet said...

Nice Cafe and nice evening!
I will have to content myself with listening to Gilmour, and crying :-) Thanks.