Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Vienna Exhibition

Last month my husband and i attended the final day of the National Gallery of Victoria's major exhibition 'Vienna Art and Design'.  I had been looking forward to seeing this exhibition for some time.
As written in the Galleries introduction to the exhibition ..'This exhibition follows the artistic revolution which transformed Vienna into a dynamic metropolis and laid the foundations for life in the 20th century and today'
(Melbourne Winter Exhibition National Gallery of Victoria 2011)


It was a wonderful exhibit of sketches, paintings, furniture ,jewellery and design of the period...the turn of the 20th century in Vienna. It was fantastic to view paintings and sketches by two of my favorite artists Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. Also included were Oskar Kokoschka,designers Otto Wagner,Adolf Loos and Josef Hoffman.  Specific paintings that i was hoping to see by Klimt and Schiele weren't included in the exhibition so i was a little disappointed .. i have posted these pictures here (small prints i have)...but in saying that there were many,many wonderful paintings  and sketches to see.  I  was fascinated to see the preliminary sketches of one of Klimt's most famous paintings "The Three Stages of Woman", and discovered the  work  of the artist Carl Moll  with whom i was not familiar, but most impressed by, so much so, i purchased two small  prints that i love!.   The Vienna Exhibition is  one i will long remember and feel privileged that i had the opportunity to see it in my home town of  Melbourne.

 When we finally left the exhibition...it was a bit hard to leave..(sigh!)  we enjoyed lunch  and a wander around the Gallery and Arts precinct..........  lovely,lovely day!!   



Pet said...

Good art always brings like a sort of piece of mind. And then a good lunch, the perfect combination :-)

Franka said...

I've been in Vienna a few years ago and saw a wonderful *Klimt*Exhibition!

O yes Art and a good meal - that's it!

♥ Franka

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

Schiele's sketches are amazing - I love the detail in the wrinkled fabric. It's nice to see some sunny shots from down under. Sounds like a great day at the Museum.


p.s. thanks for the advice - I doubt I'll sleep the night before the wedding too!

Anonymous said...

I saw this exhibition when I was down in Melbourne last September ... superb. I even bought the catalogue I was so taken :-)