Friday, 11 November 2011

A Tribute to Hermann Hesse

He takes me to another place....

 My Hermann Hesse collection of books would be amongst my most cherished possessions.  The poignant story of  'Knulp' was one of the first books I read, the life of the eternal wanderer, and that was the beginning of my journey into the literature of Hesse, a journey I never tire of.

 His deep humanity and philosophical views have earned him a place as one of the great writers in the world of literature. In 1936 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. He was born in Germany but had settled permanently in Switzerland where he lived for many years until his death  in 1962.                                                          

 "Without words, without writing, and without books there would be no history, there could be  no concept of reality".

Hermann Hesse



Franka said...

Dear Judith,
I also like H.Hesse so much!

I have a wonderful collection too.
I have to read the books - for example *Steppenwolf* again after about fourty years!

♥ Franka

Franka said...

And he was a painter!!!

Pet said...

Oh, Demian, Siddhartha, the Steppenwolf... looking at the books on your shelf throws me back at the teenage years in which I read them, and fall in love with them too. How extraordinary that you keep them all. Mine were borrowed or else if actually mine I lent them or whatever. And then the owl by them...I will start feeling like some spell coming from there :-)

Pet said...

This is for Franka, but for anybody too:
On the unconscious rush of those years I was never aware neither of the existence of Hesse's calm watercolors nor of the peaceful surroundings of his life in Switzerland, of nothing really but the magic of his books and our idealistic dreams then.
Thanks to your hessemontagnola link I have learnt so much. I think one learns about oneself through these things too.
We should organize a trip to the place. Set a date of something. Being there might close the circle of wondering ... well, at least it would be good to see the place.

Judith said...

Thankyou Pet :) and a heartfelt thankyou to Franka
for this is wonderful!! x x x x

Maiken said...
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Maiken said...

Wow, I've never read Hesse, but now I'm really curious! :)

kristi said...

i read siddhartha in high school, i had totally forgotten about that book, until now.