Friday, 7 December 2012


I've had a hectic week which I'm happy to see end
I still have a messy house which I'm pretending not to notice
and I can't believe I am now on  the last page of my calendar
 where I'm diligently crossing the days off


meine Dinge ♥ Franka said...

Such nice impressions!!!

Yes time flys!

♥ Franka

Cat said...

how lucky are you with a messy house! mine is cahotic! it's in works since one month! dust covers everything with a white veil. beautiful scenery before christmas! I wish I'm diligently crossing all that days!

WriterBee said...

The last page of the calendar! It's hard to believe! I hope I haven't wasted too many of those days. But exciting things lie in store for us next year so that's something to look forward to.
I wish you a very happy Christmas and a terrific new year.
xx Vivienne

Judith said...

Thank you Vivienne. Enjoy the exciting things that are happening for you in the new year! xx