Thursday, 12 July 2012

We have been away for a while.
We have been staying in the country spending precious time with my husbands father, who had been unwell.
Two weeks ago he passed away.
He was a wise, beautiful man, and a gentle soul.

He liked Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), so this is for him.


Cat said...

Dear Judith, I'm so sorry for you , your Husband and all those who suffer from this loss. I'm all heart with you at this difficult time. may he rest in peace. love Cat

Franka said...

How sad!

♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you Judith. Those last moments are a blessing ... precious and it was good that you and yours could be there.

Never have the birds flying at the top of your blog seemed quite so poignant :-)

Pet said...

I've listened to the wind too, for you. I'm sorry.

Karen said...

I am so sorry -
I have had Cat Stevens melodies in my head a lot lately -
About two weeks ago a talented youth orchestra/choir from north of London visited our town and they performed in the church I often go to - they sang and played so beautifully (hearing them sing Psalm 23 in English moved me more than I expected) - the pastor switched some of the hymns around so they would be familiar to the English guests - we sang "Morning has broken" - I did not realize it wasn't just a Cat Stevens song but actually a hymn with Scottish origin!
Thinking of you and your husband...