Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Around here.


Cat said...

You are still in Harmony! beautiful colors, beautiful light. "it's a kind of magic"... love, Cat.

Pet said...

Oh, I wish I could seat there and read again all those old books!

Karen said...

Hi Judith,
Lovely peeks.
I have never read some of these classics.
Would you believe I just read Jo's Boys and the others in the series this year- can't even say that I was reading it to my children!
(I wonder what I did read as a child - I guess I just read and re-read my Hans Christian Anderson tales)
Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

Lady Cordelia said...

I love old books. My dad is a rare book dealer, so just looking at books like that makes it feel "like home."

Judith said...

Thank you dear Cat your words always brighten my day! x

These are just a few of my much loved books Pet. It is good to curl up and read back through some of them. :)

Karen, the Little women series i read and re read as a little girl..loved them and still do. The Susan Coolidge series of books What Katy did are also classics that are so worth reading. Not to mention the Enid Blyton books...I could go on and on!! :) x

Glad it feels like home
Cordelia. You are so fortunate to have a Dad who deals in rare books..what a wonderful profession!