Sunday, 20 May 2012


Hundreds of flowers in spring,
the moon in Autumn,
a cool breeze in summer
and snow in winter,
if there is no vain cloud in your mind
for you it is a good season.
                                                     From Zen comments on the Mumonkan
                                                                                by Zenkei Shibayama


Karen said...

This is beautiful.

Cat said...

dear Judith, thank you for your great comment on my blog. I've just finished my project named "harvest", a short book with illustrations and texts. my last post is the last illustration with Camus 's words. I wish we always find the good wind to blow "vain cloud" off our mind!

Anonymous said...

if there is no vain cloud in your mind ... wow now there's a deep thought to start the day off with ... my day seems very cloudy ;-)

Judith said...

Thank you Karen. x

Dear Cat, I have really
enjoyed the posts you
have done on "Harvest". Congratulations!
Would love to see the completed project. :) x
(and what better music to work with than Neil Young and Stevie Ray Vaughan!)

Hope the clouds cleared for you today Geoffrey! x

Geoffrey said...

What clouds? ;-)