Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday night

Today was cold,wet and windy.
Tomorrow's forecast is cold,wet and windy.....winter is definitely making it's presence felt.
It was the wettest May day in Melbourne for 11 years.
A quiet weekend is planned around here, so we will be stoking up the fire and bunking down inside.
I will be cosying up with some of my books including this big, beautiful book given to me by my lovely daughter Jess (who knew I was coveting it for my birthday last month!).
I have always admired the late Linda McCartney and her photographs in this book are truly amazing.

I hope you stay warm this weekend,  (or cool if you happen to be on the other side of the world!)      x


Pet said...

I've just had a swim at the sea, in front of my house. The water is yet chilling but the feeling afterwords is heaven. Bur, yes, one can feel the summer coming this side of the world.

Geoff said...

Cool book! It was wild-woolly here in Canberra on Friday ... sleety rain and trees and leaves whipping about ... such energy :-)
Heater was on!

Judith said...

Enjoy the San Sebastian sun Pet!

Geoffrey, I have lots of big gum trees around my house so I always feel a bit nervous when we have wild-woolly weather here! :)