Monday, 16 April 2012



Cat said...

so great! as Paul Verlaine said:" le ciel est par dessus le toit..." that's the place to be for love ... and freedom

little sleep said...

Beautiful : )

Geoff said...

I do like the way you've included the derelict unside of the building in the fame, allowing the figures to rise (soar perhaps) above it on their way :-)


Geoff said...

And er... that's underside of the building

(Mental note to self to proof posts before submitting!)

Pet said...

I love your walls

Judith said...

Oh Cat, music to my ears!Perfect!

:)Geoff, I knew what you meant!

Little sleep, yes i think it's beautiful too!

Pet, You have always appreciated the street art i have found since the early days of my blog...thank you! :)