Friday, 16 March 2012

On Sunday, Jane Birkin sings Gainsbourg

   On Sunday night I am off  to see the lovely Jane Birkin at the Melbourne Recital Centre.   So looking forward to it!!
Last night  Jane Birkin was...Amazing, adorable and  I still can't stop smiling, when I think of her!  A wonderful night. :)


little sleep said...

Wow! I am a tiny bit jealous : )

Cat said...

How lucky are you! Enjoy!

hello milky said...

I didn't realise that was tomorrow night?! So jealous... xx

Franka said...

So tell us!!!

♥ Franka

Judith said...

Franka, Jane Birkin was just wonderful. She sang Serge's songs beautifully,was warm and very endearing. Even though she is 65 years old, she still has the aura of a young girl. She was adorable!!! :)