Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I spy a Bromley !

Last Friday, I met a friend for lunch and in the cafe I spied this beautiful butterfly painting by the Australian/British artist  David Bromley .
I will definitely be going back for another look.
Oh, and it was a great little Cafe too, yummy food !

PS. It was a bit tricky to take a good photo of it as there were people sitting in front of it!.


hello milky said...

looks like a cool little cafe... i spy my dining chairs ;) x

Pet said...

Funny, I've just posted about another Cafe, a night one mine :-)
I have enjoyed going through your beaches and the galleries you've visited too.

Franka said...

I like this butterflypainting and the yellow chairs!!!

♥ Franka

Karen said...

A delightful cafe and I love the butterflies xo Karen