Monday, 12 March 2012

Branches of Olive

On Saturday my daughter and I attended the final day of  the Branches of Olive exhibition at this gallery in Fairfield.  The exhibition was held in celebration of International Women's Day and was also honouring the work of Australian photographer Olive Cotton . The photography was exceptional and I was particulary taken by the beautiful work of  the lovely Greer Versteeg  and  also Judith Crispin. They would have to be my favourites in this exhibition.  I am  glad I finally got to see 'Branches of Olive' and in doing so, also discovered more about the life and wonderful
photography of  Olive Cotton.

         Later a chai and a stroll around Fairfield and coming to the realisation, I am a lousy photographer!!


hello milky said...

I think you are too hard on yourself Judith ;)

PS. I like that blue gate! x

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

Oh I don't know about that! I think you have a great eye! Which is the part you can't really teach in photography.

Sounds like a fun exhibit, glad you had fun!

Hope you are doing well!

Cat said...

thanks to make me discover Judith CRISPIN photography. so beautifull!

Geoff said...

Hey Judith,
I have the pleasure of knowing both Judith and Greer here in Canberra. They are artists who make the rest of us appear as dabblers :-)

Thanks for the virtual visit to the show ... would love to have attanded.

Judith said...

Cat, glad you checked out Judith Crispin's work, her photographs are beautiful.She, along with Greer Versteeg and others are in another exhibition at the same gallery..the Washi exhibition 'Beautiful Japanese papers for fine art photography', I look forward to seeing it. :) keep good company! Looking forward to going back to see the next exhibition. You are rather a dab hand with the camera yourself!! :)

the river said...

This is what I discovered here and tried to comment on last week Judith (I know, I'm tardy) - I was so pleased to know that you visited and enjoyed!

And your pics are stunning so don't be talking nonsense.. G :)

(Aw thanks Geoffrey!)