Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Lunch  in Somers at the General Store.

Tomato , mozzarella ,oregano and basil pizza.  Chai.





hello milky said...

Sigh. Such a cute little town. Need to get down there sometime soon.
Wish I could have joined you! x

Franka said...

I'm jealous!

Wonderful pics and such lovely details!!!

♥ Franka

Pet said...

Everything is so cool. I'm jealous too !

Cat said...

what a lovely place! A sunshine walk in our cold winter! thanks Judith.

Karen said...

I like your yesterday!

Judith said...

Jess, me too, next time for sure! x

Franka, You made me laigh! :) Thank you, glad you liked my pictures, it is a great little place. x

Pet, It is cool..I think San Sebastian would be rather cool too! x

Cat, a pleasure to take you on a sunshine walk..hope it warmed you up a bit! x

Hi Karen :)Happy you liked my yesterday! x