Monday, 13 February 2012

Mirka's windows

Recently, I visited  Heide Museum of Modern Art.

These windows have been painted by the wonderful
French born artist Mirka Mora, who has lived here in Melbourne since 1951.
Mirka's paintings,soft sculptures and mosaic's are enchanting (as she is ! ).  She was born in Paris in
1928, is a true bohemian, has a wicked sense of humour and still retains a delicious french accent.
We like to claim her as our own and regard her as something of a national treasure here in Australia!

 My youngest daughter gifted me with the  beautiful Mirka colouring book for Christmas.(for children and grown ups ).  My coloured pencils will never touch the pages!


hello milky said...

A treasure she is, with such a colourful personality... x

Cat said...

what a superb discovery for me! thank you so much!

Franka said...

What an amazing lady!
Her accent is lovely!

Yes a wonderful discovery for me!

♥ Franka

the vicars alter ego said...

thanks to you; a great new discovery for me

WriterBee said...

I love Heide too. It has such a peaceful creative atmosphere. The food in the restaurant is pretty special as well. And Mirka is such an inspiration. She's pretty full on in person!