Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A tender discovery

A few months ago, i was browsing in a local Antiques store. In a corner of the store was a collection of old Japanese wares ....books,magazines,ornaments and a dusty old box filled with photographs.  I looked through the photo's. There were old school pic's,  weddings,work groups, buildings...
and these.
My heart melted when i looked at the photographs of these 3 little children. I was mesmerised.
Their sweet little faces looked at me and i couldn't put them back into the dusty old box.
They had to come home with me.
I paid for them (a small amount) and now have them hanging in my home.
     I look at them and wonder...
Who are these children?
Where are they now?
How old would they be now?
Why did these tender photographs end up in an old dusty box in an Antiques store in Melbourne,Australia?
They are so beautiful....the cheeky smiles on the little girl and boy.
The solemn expression of the little one in the traditional Kimono.
I am guessing the 2 children together are brother and sister and maybe the photo was taken in the sixties.
The little solemn faced child...i can't guess.
These pictures touch my heart and i am very grateful that i found them and once again have given them a home..


Franka said...

Amazing and heartwarming.
You saved a little treasure from the dusty box.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Judith said...

Thankyou Franka. xxxx