Friday, 30 September 2011

Finding street art......part 1

During my recent stay in the inner city suburb of  Brunswick, I discovered some wonderful street art.  Some of it wallpapered on buildings along main roads, some on the side of old cottages or pubs and some hidden down back alley ways. I really enjoyed wandering around with my camera to see what I could find.
             I  love this girl I discovered on busy Lygon Street...calmly knitting as traffic
             roared past her!


Pet said...

I really like street art. Have you seen this?:
I've even got one on my blog header!

Franka said...

She's so nice!!!

♥ Franka

gini said...

haha this could be me!!!

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

How beautiful!

Judith said...

I will call her gini!!

kristi said...

i like the idea of her calmly knitting alongside traffic. x.