Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hobart, Tasmania

Thought i would share some photo's  from a recent holiday in Hobart,Tasmania. We have travelled to Tasmania several times during the past year.
It is such a great place to visit,and Hobart is a beautiful little much to see and do.
We stay at Battery Point which is a lovely area,close to Salamanca Place...home to the famous Salamanca market every Saturday and lots of fantastic places to dine
My daughter walking down Hampton Road in Battery Point..renowned for its lovely eateries,Antique shops and quaint historic cottages.

Me,in front of one of the many historic buildings in Hobart.
An art installation at Salamanca Place.
We discovered this quaint Antique shop whilst on a walk around Sandy Bay which is close to Battery Point

We caught a ferry to MONA (Museum of  old and new art).I mentioned it in my Jean Michel Basquiat post(.There's a link there). The ferry sails along the Derwent River and you are greeted by Museum staff when you arrive. Amazing place!
We also explored the beautiful beaches along the East coast..
We stayed in a cabin  that's perched on top of the cliff. At night we climbed down on to the rocks and  watched the little Penguins (previously known as Fairy Penguins) swim ashore to feed their babies that were waiting and (squawking!)in burrows that were dotted along the path, leading up to our cabin. .We sat very still in the darkness as they scurried past us..we couldn't take photo's as the penguins have no eyelids ,so they have no protection from the flash. They were very busy...and very cute!
Such a beautiful island...hope to go back soon!


Ted said...

You take such beautiful pictures. May I use some of them for my screensaver?
I know that I will never get to visit, but I have a place in my heart for Tasmania.


Judith said...

Thanks so much Ted. If you leave your email address here, I will email you. :)